American Slipper Orchids

Edited 20 August 2001

Copyright Nina Rach

Cyp. acaule from 1926 Cypripedium acaule

The illustration at left is from "The Nature Library Wild Flowers," published in 1926. The artists are Myron Van Brunt and L.A. Simonson. the original print is 8" X 5".

Cyp. calceolus from 1899 Cypripedium calceolus

The illustration at right is from a natural history book on European Orchids by H. Correvon, titled Album des Orchidees de l' Europe centrale et septentrionale, first edition, 1899, published in Geneva by W. Kundig & Fils Publisher.

Hybrids registered with native American slipper orchids:

Cypripedium acaule ...
Cypripedium calceolus ...