Epidendrum pseudepidendrum and its hybrids

18 Oct 2003 Presentation to the Houston Judging Center

by Nina Rach

Slide List:

1.	Title slide with five photos
2.	Epi. pseudepidendrum – front and side close-ups of flower
3.	Epi. pseudepidendrum ‘Ileana’ AM/82 pts, 3-18-87 in Costa Rica
4.	Epi. pseudepidendrum’YASNA’ AM/82 pts, 3-12-93 in Pacific South
5.	Epi. pseudepidendrum ‘Harford’s Best’ AM/84 pts, 3-02-02 in Wash. DC
6.	Epi. pseudepidendrum’Mendenhall’ AM/82 pts, 4-05-03, Newberry, SC- IPA

7.	Epi. ilense ‘Lil’ HCC/78 pts, 10-15-90, in Pacific Central Region
8.	Epi. ilense Dodson 1977 – two photos
9.	Epidendrum Plastic Doll (pseudepidendrum x ilense) - 1989
10.	Epi. Plastic Doll ‘Lil’ AM/80 pts, 10-08-89, in Pacific Central Region
11.	Epi. Plastic Doll ‘Zia’s Sweetheart #1’ AM/82 pts, 4-20-02, in Great Plains JC

12.	Epidendrum Petit Doll (pseudepidendrum x criniferum)
13.	Epi. janeirense Porto & Brade 1940
14.	Epidendrum Candy Dandy (pseudepidendrum x janeirense)- 2001
15.	Epidendrum Calypso Doll (Plastic Doll x janeirense) 

16.	Epidendrum Yellow Capri (pseudepidendrum x  capricornu) – 1996
17.	Epi. Yellow Capri ‘Stephens’ HCC/75 pts, 10-07-95, Tacoma OS show
18.	Epidendrum _____  (Costa Rica x pseudepidendrum)

19.	Epi. melanporphreum ‘J&L’ CBR/AOS, 2-21-98, Batavia OS Show
20.	Epidendrum ______ (melanporphreum x pseudepidendrum)
21.	Epidendrum ______ (pseudepidendrum x floribundum)
22.	Epidendrum Susquehanna (pseudowallisii x pseudepidendrum)
 ‘Bronwyn Arp’ HCC/79 pts, 3-25-89, San Antonio
23.	Epi. Susquehanna ‘Bronwyn Arp’ AM/82 pts, 4-14-90, Dallas Supp.
24.	Epi. Susquehanna ‘ Taylor’ HCC/79 pts, 3-25-88, Livonia, MICH.

25.	Bepi. Peggy Ann (Epi. pseudepidendrum x Brassavola glauca)
26.	Bepi. Pseudosa (Brassavola nodosoa x Epi. pseudepidendrum)
27.	Bepi. Janet Reder (Bepi. Pseudosa x Brassavola glauca)
28.	Bepi. Varut Green Special (Bepi. Pseudosa x Epi. mariae)

29.	Epicattleya Chinese Lantern (Epi. pseudepidendrum x C. aclandiae)
30.	Epicattleya Melon Surprise (C. Cherry Chip x Epi. pseudepidendrum)
31.	Epicattleya Fringe Festival (Melon Surprise x Epi. ilense)
32.	Epicattleya Rene Marques (Epi. pseudepidendrum x C.Claesiana)
33.	Epc. Rene Marques ‘ Happy Harry’ HCC/78 pts, 4-03-93, Palomar OS show
34.	Epc. Rene Marques ‘Flame Thrower’ HCC/76 pts, 1-08-96, Pacific South
35.	Epc. ______ (Rene Marques x Encyclia cordigera)
36.	Vaughnara Pseudo Renmar (Epc. Rene Marques x B. flagellaris)
37.	Epicattleya Vesta (LC Rojo x Epi. pseudepidendrum)
38.	Epc. Suzanne Dahlgard (C. walkeriana x Epi. pseudepidendrum)
39.	Epicattleya Orange Glory (Epi. pseudepidendrum x C. aurantiaca) 
                                         ‘Orange Crush’ HCC/76 pts, 7-27-98, Pac South
40.	Epicattleya Fuchs Sunglow (Epi. Jean x C. aurantiaca)
                                         ‘Naranja’ HCC/79 pts, 3-02-95, Coconut Grove
41.	Eplc. Pseudo Gold (Epc. Fuchs Sunglow x LC Trick or Treat)
                                          ‘Remar’ HCC/77 pts, 1-25-03, Shreveport JC
42.	Upcoming Hybrids of Epi. pseudepidendrum - Epicattleyas

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