Fregea amabilis

Rchb.f. 1852

Native to Costa Rica and Panama

Edited 18 May 2007
© Nina Rach

Fregea amabilis type-drawing

Fregea amabilis Rchb.f.
Original publication: Botanische Zeitung. Berlin 10:712-713. 1852.

The genus Fregea was established by the younger Reichenbach, Heinrich Gustav, in 1852, with F. amabilis as the type species. The genus is named for Friedrich Ludwig Gottlob Frege, a German philosopher and mathematician, and pronounced "FRAY-gee-uh."

In 1946, the type species was reclassified as Sobralia amabilis (Rchb.f.) L.O. Williams, comb. nov. in: Ann. Missouri Bot. Gard. 33: 30. Likewise, Dressler (1993) considers Fregea to be encompassed by Sobralia but I think there are sufficient differences for the genus to stand on its own, as Reichenbach originally specified. The type drawing for the species is provided at left. The only other species in the genus is Fregea wercklei Schlechter 1923.

Dressler (1993) describes the species thus: "Lip about 3 cm long [color] magenta; [distribution]: Costa Rica and Panama [Atlantic (Caribbean) lowlands, up to 1000 m, and mountains 800-2500 m]; [plants] 15-50 cm [high]; [sepals] 3 cm". Dressler distinguishes Sob. lepida as a species in which the "bracts are much longer than the flowers; sepals basally united to form dfinite tube; [color] dark purple-violet; [sepals] 2.3-2.5 cm".

The column of Fregea amabilis is distinctively very short, about the size of the lateral brachiae. The petals taper to a point. Although this species has similarities to Sobralia lepida Rchb.f., this appears to be a clear case for evolutionary convergence, where independent lines produce outwardly similar organisms.

This species has been collected from sites in Costa Rica ranging from 700m elevation at Estacion Pitilla (Guanacaste) to 3100m elevation on the Cerro Kamuk massif (Limon). However, it seems to predominate from 155-2500m. The plans grow in pastures, on roadcuts, and in primary forest, best described as an arching herb. It has been found flowering in January, February, April, May, June, July, August, October, and November.

It has also been collected by Francisco Morazn in Honduras (2,000 m, May 1947); and by D'Arcy (15934) in the Fortuna Watershed of Chiriqui Province, Panama (1,100-1,500 m, August 1984).

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