Sobralia lindleyana

Rchb. f. 1852

Native to Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and Panama (Chiriquí province)

Edited 3 January 2010

Sobralia lindleyana photo by Virginia Magnus

Sobralia lindleyana Rchb. f. 1852

This species was named for John Lindley, botanist and taxonomist, author of "The Genus and Species of Orchidaceae Plants" and the unfinished book, "Folia Orchidaceae." Lindley is considered to be the "father" of modern orchid studies.

This species has purplish-brown marbled stems that grow to about 2 ft (60 cm) tall, and is found growing both as an epiphyte and as a terrestrial. Each inflorescence bears 2-3 creamy white flowers, April to July. The tip of each sepal has a thin, sharp apicule. The lip is either whitish or golden yellow, with brown or brownish-red spots and it is particularly distinguished by the rows of matted yellow or brownish hairs. The callus is comprised of seven shallow (low) keels, behind which are three small horns or teeth. The winged column is white and yellow and the anther cap is cream-colored.

In Costa Rica, specimens have been collected from the Pacific watershed in the province of San José at 2,000 m (flowering in July), in the province of Puntarenas at 1,500-1,600 m (flowering in May, July), and in the provinces of Alajuela, Cartago, Guanacaste, Limon, and Heredia (see Lucas Rodriguez, 1986). In Panama, Sobralia lindleyana is found only in the province of Chiriquí (adjacent to Costa Rica).

Photos provided by Virginia Magnus.

Woodstream Orchids offers the following description: "Very nice robust compact grower that produces showy 3 inch white blooms with brown and gold around the corona. Grow intermediate, with moderately bright-bright light, evenly moist" (offers species for sale at

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Listed as "rara" (Categoría de protección), along with Sob. mucronata in the Norma Oficial Mexicana list (NOM-ECOL-059-94)

Photo posted by Woodstream Orchids,

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